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Welcome to Culinaut!

I've thought about writing a blog on food and cooking for quite a while, and recently I finally got sick of thinking about it and decided to just do it.

I love cooking mostly because I love eating. Though I'm not a chef and have never been to any sort of culinary school, I try to make up for my lack of training with a passion for learning and creating new things. And because I'm the one facing the final product, I try my best to make it taste and look pretty good too.

The area I'm actually trained in is engineering, and as a result I'm a bit of a nerdy cook. This means that I spend a lot of time investigating why a certain technique works well and what types of science and technology are applied in my kitchen.

As of this first post, there are two main motivations behind this blog. First is to chronicle and share the many interesting things I learn in my culinary adventures. So hopefully there will be posts on techniques, cooking science, and recipes in the near future. Secondly, some of my friends have expressed interest in learning more about cooking, so I hope that my posts can be helpful. Let me know at [name of this blog]@gmail.com if there are specific topics you'd like to see covered!

This blog will also house my attempts at food photography, and the occasional food-themed art and design.

Though at the root of it, Culinaut is another excuse to spend even more time thinking about food =)

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